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Numerous media sources highlight the bad, amoral and ugly Nigeria, so the excellent gets left behind. As a Nigerian now living out West, I know to take every thing I see within the news about my nation using a grain of salt. I turn on the news, and almost every headline I study about Nigeria goes along the lines of, “Nigeria in Crisis”, “Hundreds killed in Nigeria”, “Terror in Nigeria,” and the substantial list of ugly and depressing headlines continue. Nonetheless, the media doesn’t celebrate the those that do put in function to turn the nation around; people who believe in their home and are prepared to glorify it to what ever length it takes.

As essential and required a trouble-free circumstance is, it requires time and determination to come by. One of many techniques to have it truly is to position oneself to receive what one particular had anticipated, particularly in living a free life. This can be a position Nigerians adopted over the years believing and hoping in God for deliverance. That deliverance is actually right here. The year 2010 didn’t only usher Nigeria in to the golden age of 50 years, but saw her via many changes that is certainly worth celebrating. Surely, the age of 50 is really a good sufficient time for you to get cost-free in the blunders of the previous. Although noted for countless backward strokes that emanated from the wrong sides of the country, Nigeria God truly ushered Nigeria into her Year of Jubilee!

So even when I sit in my plush chairs, and variety freely and safely at my laptop in public, without having any quick worry for my common safety while sipping on a pretentious yet scrumptious beverage from Starbucks out West, I cannot help but yearn for my home inside the East. I yearn for my loved ones, and hope that one day, Nigeria really becomes a safe haven for all of the those that have left. It truly is in my moments of seeking out for my country that I came across the outstanding perform of Devesh Uba (also known as Snap It Oga). Inside the previous year, his name has diffused more than all of social media. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, he is everywhere, and more importantly, he is everywhere as a result of the nature of his photographs.

In 2013, Uba, a street photographer from India disregarded the numerous negative labels that propaganda media is fond of attaching to Nigeria, specially its commercial capital city, Lagos. This city is broadly generally known as the second fastest increasing city in Africa, and it really is undoubtedly wealthy with diversity, culture, vitality, tourism, as well as extreme over population. Uba ventured out from his hometown in India for the vibrant city life of Lagos – armed with no worry from all the negative info he had previously heard concerning the country – travelled for the city on his own to operate and live for a year.

Together with the clear and resounding manner with which the Word on the Almighty God sounded: “You have dwelt extended adequate in this mount…” (Deuteronomy 1:6), Nigerians found a good sufficient reason to seek divine intervention politically, and God heard their cries. Nigerians heard the Almighty God sounding precisely the same warning more than and more than as He tells them to beware from the danger in continuing to dwell inside the mountain of poverty, visionlessness, religious and ethnic crises, leadership by proxy, and so forth, and move for the next level exactly where life is actual.

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